January 31, 2009

Intel Develop OS???

yeah right... no kidding.. you know about netbooks? it's term for mini notebooks. i'd bought one for my wife ( using her money, i just help her bought.. hehehe ). Well, can say it's small and lightweight. very suitable for lady. adn suit my wife very well...

okay, back to title... most of the netbooks using windows xp home as their OS. Even though it's has 2 GB or ram, it's use Intel Atom Processor, which smaller version for netbooks. Intel spoke, they want to developed theri own OS specifically for Netbooks using atom processor whch is call Moblin.Based on Linux, Intel’s “Moblin” (perhaps as in, "hey, I’m mobilin’ around with my netbook!") reached its first alpha release earlier this week.

The alpha release is available freely for testing of the following:

  • The core Linux O/S, boot process, inter-process, and package interactions.
  • The new "Fastboot" feature of Moblin, which fundamentally improves boot time and allows for unprecedented speed for a general purpose Linux.
  • Connectivity and networking, using the new ConnMan connectivity manager.
  • Kernel 2.6.29-rc2.
  • The Moblin Core Components (first look at this), including Clutter and all other UI development tools.
  • Xserver 1.6 (with DRI2).
  • New Moblin Image Creator (MIC2) and installation tool

well, for those using netbooks, you can search for moblin and give it a try....

this articel were referred to Tom's Hardware

well, not torrent for today as no new torrent for me.... do check up next week, as heroes will be back...


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