March 7, 2009

More Task

just finished Olahraga MSSM Zon Tanjung. well... can say that its quite fun.watching participants and supporters. the sad thing is i'm wet in the rain.huhu.. first morning supposed is the 5000m for men. among 8 only 4 or less turn they running in the rain.wet and slippery... feel sorry about them.. but its a competition. like it or not... the game must go on. next year melaka will be organizer for sukma. many technical officer are needed. if you like, you can take the KOAM test to be qualified technical officer... got allowance maa... ahahaha

back to school.. got paper to mark.they just finished monthly test... ahaaha... luckily i got only 30 paper to mark... still to read my student's answer script is funny thing. they wrote many thing. cannot blame on them... for first time the face the real format of UPSR like paper.suppose they're shocked... don't blame me... i already told them to did a lot of exercise... whether they follow or not... it's beyond my hand. at home they're under their parent's responsible.

got to go now... time for dinner... adios.

torrent : --

Bleach ep 209
Naruto ep 99
Gundam 00

Heroes ep 18
Knight Rider ep 17

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