February 21, 2009

Pack Week

almost a week didn't update my blog...

well... last sunday went for kursus asas kejurulatihan pusat ko-kurikulum. for your information, pusat ko-kurikulum is a one stop centre which has all the outdoor facilities and specialty for outdoor learning or pendidikan luar. it''s one of core element in our education system.we can say that every state in malaysia has their own centre. in this centre, they have higher rope element such as, abseiling, flying fox, cat crawling and many more. else, it has facilities for kayak, solo camp, oreinteering, compass, marching, hostel, wall climbing, camp site and many more. well the objective for me going there as to recruit as many trainer as they can. every week many school came and using the centre.they really short hand in term of qualified trainer. and the trainer is only open for teacher, thos who really love outdoor. so i become one of the trainer. start with assistant trainer, they will send for many course to equip the trainer with knowledge. wether you like, water, air or land. and all of this are free... no cost paid... sound nice is it...

for about 5 days, i've been there, many new things i've learn.if possible. i'm targeting to be one of the panel which is th highest rank of trainer scheme.

then come back to school yesterday, and lot of works already waiting.hahaha... 3-5 march i'll be referee for MSSM zon tanjung. in the same month, my school will be host for soccer game and also the pusat koko might call me for assitant coz, they're having a big event in march also. yesterday afternoon, i just got a new job, PROTIM coordinator for year 4. ahahaaa....

PROTIM is a special programme for those student cannot read and write.special programme waiting for them and special modul that i need to follow. huhu... what can i say... just take la...

well.. got to go now... adios..

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Muhammad Hazimin Wahab said...

tak apa cikgu, ikhlas kan hati ikut program tu.. besar pahalanya yg menanti.. amin... ikhlas yer

lutfi_7 said...

ade torrent utk soul eater x? ep 47 >